Investors may want to consider LLY on dips.

While it’s a $400 stock, it could still see further upside. All as new obesity drug trial results set it up for potential US FDA approval. In fact, in recent trials, patients with Type 2 diabetes lost 15.7% of their body weight within 72 weeks, according to the company.

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In addition, Eli Lilly noted that “The study met both co-primary objectives and all key secondary objectives for tirzepatide compared to placebo for both estimands. Those taking tirzepatide lost up to 15.7% (34.4 lb. or 15.6 kg) of body weight for the efficacy estimand. SURMOUNT-2 is the second global phase 3 clinical trial that evaluated the efficacy and safety of tirzepatide for chronic weight management. The trial evaluated 938 adult participants with obesity or overweight and type 2 diabetes.”


Ian Cooper