If you think this may just be a typical market with normal swings, think again. Just look at the VIX, an indicator of expected volatility. It exploded two years ago and has stayed at about double where it was prior to that with the frequency of spikes about 2-3x greater and much more pronounced. So what can you do to make sure you don’t get creamed?

We grabbed our friend, Keith Harwood, who spent many years on the trading floor as a market maker and asked him to share the tools the pros use when the market becomes a battlefield. He will be doing a webinar later today (you can sign up for free here) but took a couple minutes to walk us through a glimpse of what you can do to confirm your trades and protect against wild swings. The technical indicators he relies on have allowed him to deflect the market’s bullets and he even shared an opportunity those indicators revealed. Check out our quick video chat here:

When you know these key setups, spotting the lucrative Outlier trades gets crazy easy. Click here for your Outlier Roadmap.

The great thing about these technical indicators is that they virtually eliminate the damage emotions can play in your trading success. Be sure to watch the video and check out Keith’s webinar later today. Sign up for free here

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