While it looks like there will be a fight to find support today, we are seeing a shift that is being brought about by Omicron, wait… being brought on by rising interest rates, wait… being brought on by inflation… well we are seeing a shift due to rotation. Sometimes the why matters less than the what.

We have been talking with Keith Harwood about this market for the last few weeks and he alerted us to the turndown at the end of the year. Now he has spotlighted a great way to exploit this current condition for some of the best trades. He joined me in the quick video chat below to walk us through it but he is also going to take a deeper, more revealing dive into the trades that will extract the profit potential from what we are seeing now in his webinar later today. Check out this chat and use the link below to make sure you don’t miss the webinar.

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This type of market move is an ideal set up for the right options strategies. Be sure to catch Keith’s webinar later today to see the strategies he is using to grab wins.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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