When a stock is severely oversold, there is always a reason. Something happened that drove that stock down and the key to spotting very attractive oversold stocks is to identify they ones that where pushed down for the wrong reasons. There is an old adage that you should catch a falling knife. This is very true. But once the knife has hit the floor, you can get a lot out of it by picking it up.

Ian Cooper jumped on a quick chat with us to take a look at a couple heavily discounted stocks that are showing signs that they are at the bottom and are ready to run back up to where they fell from. His method of using news to spot gross overreactions in the market has been handing him and his readers some very nice payoffs. Take a look at our chat and see how to tell the difference between a stock that is still falling and one that is on a profitable rebound.

Once you see the pieces of the puzzle Ian uses to spot these mega opportunities you will be amazed at how often they appear. Honestly, with the massive amount of hype in the media these days it really isn’t a surprise. Be sure to check out his book that walks through the details of how it works and how to get on the email list for his alerts.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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