As wild as this December has been, the year end seasonal forces still seem to be controlling the markets. Just as we think this year is going to be different we see familiar patterns playing out and we are heading into one now that will shape the last two weeks of the year.

Keith Harwood umped on a quick video chat with us and put a spotlight right on the key factor to watch. A very wise interpretation of the VIX shows how to set up the next two weeks and wrap up the year. Take a look at what he is watching in the video below.

The way we see 2021 winding down is setting up an explosive beginning of the year. We are gong to be hitting up Keith for more tips as we see this move play out. If you’d like to get more of the tips and inside secrets he picked up as a market maker on the floor of the CBOE, be sure to grab his Cheat Sheet here.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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