We keep in touch with a lot of top traders and when we see one of them absolutely crushing it, we dive right in. Not only do we want to look at what they are trading but more importantly, how they are spotting the trades.

When I see pops like 118% on QQQ calls, 145% on TSLA calls, and 75% on ADBE, it gets my attention.

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Back on June 8th, Wendy Kirkland spotted a great set up in the QQQ. Using Fibonacci Exponential Moving Averages that suggested a call option would be worthwhile. In just a couple days that call option example would have handed back a potential 118%.

She also gave readers a heads up to a pattern in ADBE. For that she relied on the True Strength Indicator (TSI). In about a day that set up would have offered a potential 75%. In just a day.

The TSI paid off big when it alerted Wendy and her readers to some TSLA calls that put out a potential 145% in just 3 days. Check out the article here.

All of these are popping up in her readers inbox every morning. Think of it as earn while you learn. They get the examples that show how powerful these indicators are and also get live examples that have lucrative potential.

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