The AI sector is one of the hottest in the market right now but it is a mix of winners and losers. Normally grabbing an ETF like ROBO or BOTZ would be a smart move and a great way to cast a wider net. But AI is a bit like the wild west with some companies breaking out and others having a hard time keeping up. When this happens the ETFs tend to languish. Both BOTZ and ROBO have been in a slide since July and have under performed.

So where is the next big AI move? We used an approach that Keith Harwood has shared with our readers on multiple occasions to find breakouts.

Keith starts by looking at the total market and then zeroing in. Which sectors are strong? Which are week? Then he uses the sector ETFs to see which are lagging a bit but are ready for a move. When he sees strength building but all of the elements of that sector haven’t kept up it is game on. He drills into the sector and then looks for the slow stocks in that group that are likely to get pulled up by the momentum of the sector.

In AI one stock that has been out performing the group is NVDA. This leader is one to watch as it hasn’t seem to run out of gas yet and may have more room to run.

It has seen a couple pullbacks but the longer trend is still up. It is looking at 500 in the near future and possibly higher.

Another is This cloud software provider is poised to gain as more companies spend money developing their AI platforms. has also just set up a bullish MACD crossover which has been reliable indicator of a move up.

There is no shortage of AI hype so it can be confusing to sort through which stocks have real potential. Keith has been helping traders use the tactics he picked up on the floor of the CBOE as a market maker. In fact, he boils down the most effective secrets he used to produce consistently to simple, useable strategies.

His webinar in just a couple days is an easy way to see how he does it. Because he works directly with students he has a waiting list for his training program so getting a peek at what students get access to is rare. Be sure to sign up now and catch the session.

AI is a great example of why it pays to invest in your trading education. As a trader you are bombarded by headlines, alerts, and an avalanche of data. Weeding through it alone is just flat out unfair. Getting tips from a seasoned pro who shows how the market makers gets you an edge that puts the advantage on your side.

Invest in yourself. This is a great way to pay yourself first and often.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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