That isn’t entirely true. It was actually as high as 16x at one point. Lets look at how this has the potential to be repeatable.

We first spotted this when we started seeing more and more signs of a potential bottom. It didn’t matter if it was an actual bottom, just that the market perceived that it could be. This meant that the demand for stocks that had been excessively beaten down would go up and we had a couple great ways to exploit that.

We looked at Ford back at the end of June. (read it here) It was really part of the EV play. The demand was going up and that sector hadn’t seen the pop you might expect. We checked back in a couple weeks later and the tools we have picked up from experts like Andy Chambers helped us spot a potential breakout forming. (see that article here).

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We looked at Sept Calls with a 15 strike. On July 12 they were going for .11. Even if you didn’t read that for a couple days it stayed in that range for a bit longer. The beauty of Andy Chamber’s approach is that you take longer term options positions and it gives you a bigger window for the expected move to play out. In this case we didn’t have to wait long as you can see it shot up just a couple weeks later.

This approach has been one of the most powerful we have worked with and it is because that is how it was designed. This is a relatively new program and I am guessing that if it keeps pumping out winners like this example of how the process works, it is going to get a lot more expensive. Be sure to check it out here.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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