We are always looking to get behind the trade and see how it was spotted and how it set up. A few weeks ago, Keith Harwood jumped on a quick video chat with us and walked us through a move he saw setting up. What really caught his eye was that the risk vs reward on the set up played out at about 10-1 to the reward side. Check out the clip where he walked us through it here.

Sure enough it played out as expected and SMH shot up about 10%. Take a look at where Keith pointed it out to us and where is now on the chart below:

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It wasn’t easy to spot that potential move until Keith explained how using the right tools made it a no brainer. Semi Conductors could have easily turned down at that point but when you lined up the right indicators, as Keith pointed out, it showed the risk of a drop was greatly outweighed by the potential move up.

This is a great example of the approach he reveals in his Outlier Roadmap. Simply looking past just the price to see the confirming factors can expose trades many other miss.

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Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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