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I am always looking for a combination of timing and leverage.  Timing is crucial when utilizing options to get into a new idea – it is truly important since options have time-to-expiration as a key factor.  If I choose an options trade expiring in 2 weeks but the move happens in 3 weeks, I am left with a loss rather than a gain.

At the same time, I have to see the leverage for the move I am anticipating.  I have to see the potential for a major move to really make options work for me.  And right now, I see both timing and leverage lining up in the oil sector.  While this has been a difficult sector to time for oil companies, the odds and expected value of the trade are certainly on my side right now.

Let’s look at USO:

The dips in USO are frequently buying opportunities, and while the dips continue to test lower levels and create some concern, we once again saw that the 100-Day Moving Average was support that held.  For now, oil is a buy on the dips, and if that’s going to continue to be the case, then OIH is going to continue to be a buy on even more major dips.  Let’s look at the chart:

After flirting with the 200-Day Moving Average and the lows from July, OIH seems to be finding support.  This would go hand-in-hand with the support that USO is finding.  At the same time, implied volatility in OIH is simply in-line with what it has been for the last few months – so if I think that we can see OIH test the highs of the last few months around $240 and can pair that thesis with an options position like the September 17th $200 calls for $6.40 (which would be worth $40 or more on a move in OIH to $240), one can quickly see that there is truly a great deal of leverage in the options markets TODAY for a trade in the oil sector.

Trading is all about combining timing and leverage, and right now, we certainly have an interesting setup forming in oil that requires our attention.

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Keith Harwood