The infrastructure deal is plowing its way through congress and creating some great trade opportunities in its wake. Ian Cooper has perfected a trading process that uses big news to exploit herd mentality and turn it into quick profits. The buzz around who will benefit from the wave of money coming out of this deal was a perfect opportunity.

A group of smart folks, just like you, open their email in the morning and see a quick read email with a heads up to a great potential trade. on Monday of last week, Ian shot them a message with a tip to grab First Solar calls.

Take a look at what happened next below:

The black arrow shows where the news alerted Ian to a potential trade. You can see the other indicators on the chart that he used to confirm the direction. Think of it as a weather alert. Usually the first warning you get is that conditions are ideal for a severe event. You can look at the radar and get a sense of what is going on. The indicators are like the radar and show you which direction the storm is going to move and how fast. Just like you would use the alert and radar, you can use the news and charts to see what is potentially going to happen in the market.

In this case the stock went up over the next 5 days from about 87 to 93. But while 6% return in a week is great, Ian let his readers know they should grab a call option. In the same period of time, that option went up 45%. Talk about harnessing the power of a tornado!!

His alerts are super simple to use and he is inviting everyone to give them a try for just $1. Click here to check it out.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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