Keith Harwood has turned the human condition of the fear of missing out into a trading gold mine.

He has locked into a pattern that takes the trade that is all a buzz, the NVIDIA or APPL and then digs in a bit to find the real golden nugget that everyone is overlooking.

A couple weeks ago he spotted a great trade that is still moving in a payout direction.

See, oil had been going up and some of the common oil favorites had already jumped. Some of the common oil stocks or the oil ETFs like USO. But when a there is a big trend it often creates other trends. These patterns are either a sign of where the money creating that trend is coming from or often the stock or sector that follows that big winner. Keith noticed that and saw that while Oil had popped already the oil equipment ETF OIH still had room to move.

Sure enough, in the weeks after our video chat (Feb 21, for the record) OIH has climbed steadily, setting up a nice payday. Take a look at the chart.

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The best news is that this approach works again and again. Keith has been able to take the tactics he saw trades use when he was a market maker and has been able to craft it into an approach that spots the outliers. Juicy, solid opportunities that many people overlook.

If you are interested in getting a heads up on where these trades are appearing, check out his Outlier Road Map. It is one of the best ways to turn FOMO into “Make Mo”.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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