While it looked like tech might break from the other two big indexes yesterday ultimately it couldn’t find its footing. But there are a few signs that are signaling a much bigger slide. Keith Harwood took us on a quick tour of the markets to help us get beneath the headlines and look for the signals that tell the truth.

The “other” index, the Russell, shows that small caps are very vulnerable and that cold be the beginning of the erosion. Even more interesting was the indicator’s indicator that gave a huge red flag. Take a look as he shows a tool you may not even know existed.

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There is a ton of opportunity if this becomes a clear trend but it is always great to have a pro like Keith spotlight some ways to get prepared and offer approaches for the conservative and speculative traders.

We’ll be following up with Keith to see how this all plays out so keep an eye on your inbox.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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