The only certain we know about the next week or so is that Washington DC is going to bask in the media spot light. After all, what do they like more than to have their soundbites air across the media waves? This is fertile ground for them to say the other side is the problem and they are the solution. Over, and over… and over.

What we can expect is a steady roll of announcements that progress has been made and then a setback has been hit.

This has a very high likelihood of creating some serious churn in the markets. That churn actually sets up an interesting opportunity.

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This attention grabbing wrestling match is very likely to see volatility jump. It has settled down recently compared to where it had been for a while and has room to go up. VIXY is an ETF that tracks the VIX, an indicator the CBOE created to track volatility. When there is uncertainty on the horizon but churn is certain, if offers a useful way to trade.

We’ll watch this as the DC drama plays out and see how it moves,

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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