When I look for a great trade, one of the places I turn is to SPY, or the SPDR S&P 500 trust. This heavily traded exchange traded fund tracks the S&P 500 and often creates opportunities from broader market moves.

To zero in on a trade for this week, let’s look at what the S&P did last Friday to get a sense of what it might do this week. (I have also included an update on a previous trade example at the bottom of this message)

This chart image is courtesy of FINVIZ.com a free website and shows us how it moved on the most recent trading day.

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Next, we want to see where the momentum is to get a sense of the direction it will head next. As we look at the chart of the SPY below, pay attention to the Percentage Price Oscillator or PPO at the bottom of the chart. When the lines in the PPO cross it is a telling signal, we can use to find a trade. To get more information on the PPO, click here.

The stock price in this example is $421.19. You would wait for price to find a bottom before buying stock.

We are always looking for ways to minimize risk and increase our potential profit when we trade. Options are a great way to do just that.

If you were trading options and selected a 411 Put option strike, you would pay a premium of around $4.99 for the Nov 17th expiration, or $499 for the 100-share option contract.  If the stock price moves to 411, the premium is apt to go up about $5.00.  Your premium of $499 plus $500= $999. That is a profit of 100% over a short period of time.

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I love teaching and sharing. It is my “thing”.

Stay positive and know you can do this.  Knowing creates positive results! A part of the abundance process is letting go of anything negative, which creates space to receive.

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Previous Trades:

Last week we discussed buying puts. On 10-18 the SPY Nov 17th 421 put was $3.97.  You could have sold on 4-20 for $8.31, a 109% profit.