A chart we looked at a couple weeks ago was a great heads up to a nice move and highlights something you don’t want to miss.

Ian Cooper has been sending us a chart of the week for quite some time. When he sent us a chart of AMD (click here to see the article) he pointed out that it looked like it was making a move from oversold territory. It jumped nearly 50% in a short time.

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This shows what happened after the article. When Ian sent us the chart is highlighted in yellow. Some amazing insight to say the least.

The chart of the week articles he had been sending us were some of the most read articles we have published and we are definitely all about listening to what you folks are telling us. Just last week we launched Ian Cooper’s Chart of the Day. It is a free daily newsletter that highlights a new chart and offers some insight into what the chart is telling us. If you aren’t already one of the lucky traders who are getting Trade of the Day in your inbox, the free sign up is still available here. Be sure to sign up so you don’t miss any great new charts.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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