New inflation data has poked an already angry bear. While there have been many that say we are close to the bottom, it doesn’t feel nearly as likely that we are going to see a strong rally that busts out of the year long, volatile downtrend as it does that costs are going to continue to rise, markets will drop, and things are going to get crazier.

The good news is that having access to the pros who help us out all of the time shows us how to turn a falling market into a rising account. We have written a number of articles that spotlight great ways to exploit a bear market and it seems like a good time to make them easy to find.

Here is a list of the information that have been read the most by other readers and contains some great strategies to dive into as we see this wild trend continue. These articles cover alternatives to short selling, great options strategies, finding trades that go against the trend and also some key risk management techniques that can save your bacon.

Click on these headlines to access the articles:

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As things continue to stay wild be sure to review your trading plan. Adjust your position sizes accordingly, be rock solid about exits before you enter, and be totally fine sitting out if you need to. When markets get crazier and the trend is hard to get a grip on, the importance of just staying alive until the trend is more cooperative with your trading style is key.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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