After travels restrictions were lifted at the end of the pandemic, people who had been pent up in the homes started to travel just for travels sake. This rubber band effect pushed a weakened travel industry to its limits. But as big corporations do, they figured out how to recover in a way that helped them make money. Raising prices and slashing costs.

Now that binge rush is starting to hit the wall. The tightening economy, higher costs, and massive service issues due to understaffing and bottom line focus has poured reality on the party like a hangover.

It is a good time to start looking at the short side of these travel stocks. Take a look at the carnage:

United Airlines took a big hit a month ago and hasn’t been able to muster the momentum to stage a recovery. In fact it is teetering on its 200 day moving average and that could give at any point.

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Southwest has been the punching bag and just can’t seem to stop the bleeding. Additional infrastructure issues plague the airline and it is at the edge of a freefall.

Marriott is another victim that is getting sucked into this black hole.

The good news is that with the right options strategy, you can capitalize on big moves up OR down. In fact, the direction matters much less than the momentum. Now is a time to start brushing up on those bear market option strategies.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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