We have seen a tipping point where EVs became common place. But the hurdle has been the expense. There really hasn’t been Model T EV yet. But that seems to be changing. The question is which company is going to win the race and will be the best investment?

When Tesla announced it wasn’t as close to producing the car priced for everyone to afford, it left the door wide open for competition to step in. And VW (VWAPY) did just that. But EVs are not their only business, and there is risk that that segment might be overshadowed by other segments. So which is the better play? Neither.

There is still a ton of tailwind in the EV space with rapidly growing popularity, huge infrastructure support for charging, and massive investment. It is a cutthroat business though. Ford (F) made a big push with the Lightning F-150 and the Mach-E. Now they’ve hit production issues with the truck and are selling the Mach-E at a loss to buy market share. Trying to pick one stock that will not fall victim to the wild west shoot out as this plays out is risky business.

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A better play is to look at ETFs made up of EV related stocks. LIT focuses on lithium related companies and since all of these EVs will need batteries, it is very appealing. You could also consider ETFs focused on the cars like DRIV and IDRV.

One would think these plays would be on a steep climb up but they have seen some drag from the broader market. At this point, it appears to be creating a new entry point. For LIT we are going to watch for the move over the 10 day moving average as a sign to jump in. Let’s watch this and see if this takes off.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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