Markets are clearly confused and jittery. The VIX is up and looks to stay there if not climb higher This means we can expect this see saw movement for the foreseeable future. We ended last week with a drop that looked like it was going to pull the floor out from the weak support we were looking for, but we are seeing signs that we might lock in a death grip on that support and cling for life.

Take a look below at the S&P:

The S&P is parked right on the 50 day moving average where it has found support in the past during the post COVID crash rally. But, (there is always a but), you have to believe its support is precarious.

In the recent past the S&P has lived below the 50 for a while and till managed to recover. This leaves us with two key questions. Are we at the bottom and how will we recognize when a reversal starts.

The answer is all in the momentum. Currently the only clear momentum is volatility which has strength to the upside. The markets are bouncing but even thought the swings are relatively big it is a sideways move. There are patterns that reveal when that crab walk is breaking out in either direction and momentum patterns are a great tool to consider in this current market.

Lee Gettess has put together a great read on momentum patterns that confirm a trend and most importantly show when it has hit the wall and is ready to swing around. Grab a copy here and be ready to get in when this market makes up its mind.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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