Artificial intelligence is definitely the buzz and both headline writers and traders are scrambling to get the next edge in this trend. But trying to pinpoint which single company that is going to launch like a rocket and not crash an burn is the challenge. Even rocket expert Elon Musk is talking about building his own AI company to try and grab this tiger by the tail.

But there is a smart way to trade this craze that can position you for the win and give you some cushion if things go sideways. We have talked about the protection ETFs can give you with the diversification they offer. Instead of trying to pick which horse will win the race it is more like betting that the track in going to make money.

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In the AI game the ETF ROM is a smart way to set yourself up for a win as AI takes off. It is a tech ETF with MSFT and NVDA as two of its major assets. It also has a list of other assets that will benefit . And since ROM is a leveraged ETF it targets 2x the return of its benchmark.

It has shown some momentum since the beginning of the year and could reach for the high last year around 40. We are going to add this to the list to follow and we’ll check back in on it as the AI boom goes on.

Keep learning and trade wisely,

John Boyer


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