From Don Fishback, author of Your Quick Start Guide To Options Success

How one key market characteristic helped me make $52,000 in just 7 weeks.

It’s true. Many years ago I discovered a factor with an incredible track record of predicting the global economy. Not only did it predict economic activity, it also allowed me to forecast how the stock market might react.

At the close on March 6th of this year, this market factor turned positive. So I bought shares of an ultra bullish ETF. Here is a screen capture showing the action in one of my Fidelity accounts. Just scroll down to see my account statement.

As recently as Wednesday May 5th, I was still holding on to those shares. In this space, you even read about why I was still bullish.

But in this market, things change rapidly with shocks and shortages. Everything from corn to copper, hamburger to housing, lumber to labor… everything is in short supply.

My indicator turned red. It’s what motivated me to exit last week and lock in a gain of $52,586.28. Here is a screen capture of my sell order.

That profit is like an extra $7,500 a week!

Here’s the key. It’s not just me.

One of my employees, Terri, has made an extra $273,000 the past two years doing nothing but trade this. She also has the trading statements to prove it!

And we’re getting comments and success stories from countless investors, including from one fellow who told us he turned $6,200 into more than $900,000 in a little over two years.

So what is this seemingly magical indicator?

Commodity prices.

You can see at the very far right of the chart how the blue line crossed above the red line. That was my signal to lock in my $52,000 of profits.

You can also see in the middle of the chart the big decline that took the indicator well below the lower red line. That is what kept us safe through most of the carnage that wrecked a lot of portfolios when COVID first erupted.

This indicator is just one of our Three Pillars that has helped us beat over 90% of all professional money managers globally.

I want to get this tool in as many hands as I can, but our platform can only add 100 at a time. I have reduced the price to $10 to get started but these will go quickly. With this market swinging like this, these indicators are even more valuable right now. Don’t miss out. Click here to get in now. 


Don Fishback